What our clients say...
"One of the biggest differences is the dignity I am afforded here.  Not treated as if I am just a number, the people are warm and friendly.  If not for the pantry I would not be able to eat very healthy at all."
"This food pantry is such a big help for my family and for many families in this community.  Without the help of this food pantry, my family of 3 children, 2 adults and an elderly person, would not have enough food every month.  We do receive SNAP benefits, but it's never enough."
"I'm very happy to have your food pantry.  I am on Social Security and always seem to run out at the end of the month, so this means a lot to me.  Thank you very much."
"The volunteers here are all so friendly and welcoming.  It's not easy asking for help, but the volunteers make me feel welcome.  The system of the food pantry is so well organized.  I have never been to a food pantry that is by appointment and so well organized.  I love it here.  I appreciate this food pantry very much."
"The pantry is more than a blessing, as we have 5-7 to feed at home every day.  Needless to say, with my husband employed part time, and I'm all but disabled, the food we get here is really needed and appreciated.  We would be hard pressed to feed all of us every day without it.  The people (all of them) at St. Thomas pantry are a real bonus and I hope appreciated by all pantry users."